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Our daily assemblies provide valuable opportunities to unite our school community. Each week, children meet in various groups to take part in non-denominational assemblies. Our assemblies provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and understanding, ask questions and express their opinions about a range of values and themes. Through whole school, phase and class assemblies, children hear stories, learn about important individuals and share their own experiences linked to our chosen values and themes. Included in our assemblies are stories from major world religions, fables and tales from across the globe, festivals and an understanding of the values and moral codes upheld by members of our diverse community. There are also opportunities for visitors and special guests to contribute to our assemblies.

Please see information about the Leader in Me for more detail about our commitment to the 7 habits for learning and for life.  This can be found on each school website…

Queen Emma Queen Edith

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to discuss Religious Education or assemblies with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. They have the right to request that their child does not attend assemblies or Religious Education lessons. However, we believe this would be detrimental to the child’s education and would mean them missing out on opportunities when moral issues and school values are shared.