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Our daily, non-denominational assemblies are carefully planned and children meet in various groups during the week.  These represent a valuable opportunity to unite the school community. In order to promote values that we consider important, all of our assemblies are themed. This allows the children to develop their understanding, ask questions and think about several aspects of each theme in depth before moving on. Through whole school assemblies, phase assemblies, class councils and in informal conversations throughout the school day, children hear stories, learn about important individuals and share their own experiences of these values and themes. The assemblies cover a range of themes including stories from the major world religions, fables and tales from across the globe, festivals, and an understanding of the values and moral codes upheld by members of our diverse community. The children have opportunities to ask questions and express opinions.  We encourage all children to reflect upon important issues and the way we behave towards others. There are opportunities for visitors and special guests to contribute to these assemblies and once a half term each class has an opportunity to share with the rest of the school what they have been considering and learning.

Autumn 1PerseveranceAutumn 1FriendshipAutumn 1Respect
Autumn 2GenerosityAutumn 2HopeAutumn 2Thankfulness
Spring 1Peace Spring 1CreativitySpring 1Humility
Spring 2Responsibility Spring 2ForgivenessSpring 2Compassion
Summer 1JusticeSummer 1TruthfulnessSummer 1Courage
Summer 2TrustSummer 2ServiceSummer 2Wisdom

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Parents are welcome to make an appointment to discuss RE or assemblies with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. They have the right to request that their child does not attend assemblies or RE lessons. However, we believe this would be detrimental to the child’s education and would mean them missing out on opportunities when moral issues and school values are shared.